Pop quiz: Occult in the media

8 08 2008

“It’s difficult to imagine a more clear-cut portrayal of occult rise”

The author is talking about:

  • A. The Matrix
  • B. The Smurfs
  • C. Left Behind
  • D. That 70’s Show

Correct answer was B. The Smurfs.

“Saturday Morning Mind Control” by Phil Phillips blasts all manner of morning programming from the cedeingly violent TMNT and He-Man to getting a bit tin-hattery The Smurfs and Care Bears.

Wild accusations range from corporate soul sucking, brainwashing, magic, Baha’i traditions and the acceptance of aliens, ghosts and demons as nothing to be afraid of. Strangely the homo-erotic overtones of Masters of the Universe is ignored. Perhaps he is waiting for a sequel.




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