Taking theories

5 08 2008

Hat tip to PZ.

People wonder why we make fun of New Zealand (Okay its American craetards trying to shlock their crap on NZ).

Focus on the Family goes out of its way to show that they really don’t give a shit about any sense of honest scientific discussion:

Science takes a theory and tries to establish it as the truth.


This is the religious frame of thinking.

Science does not try to establish anything as one “truth”. Science may be about facts, but its moreso about the evidence.

If your evidence does not back up your facts, you need to think about some new facts

Creationists instead decide to ignore any evidence that doesn’t back up their predetermined results, and just keep hammering out their message of ignorance is bliss.

It does irritate you mightily that media will publish absolute trite like this from a creatard as if they are some sort of authority on what science actually is.




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