Psychologists do their bit to make Nature look less of a dick

4 08 2008

I’m sure they can rationalise it along those lines.

I don’t think I can (and keep a straight face).

This act of dickery makes superman seem like a really nice guy.

For your reference – be reminded of Nature’s new policy on open access. They’ll allow a simple one-step submission process that will allow authors to mark their work for open access release, in six months. Some people are upset claiming that this locks in Nature’s stronghold on knowledge. Others, myself included, think its a fair, possibly even outright polite, kind of move from a company that has a right to protect its own interests.

Rather than provide a free service, the American Psychological Association proposed a new strategy, whereby they would charge authors – $2,500 US per publication – to transfer the works into public access, twelve months after initial publication

The APA is “reconsidering” their new policy. You think?




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