Stupid Fishies

28 07 2008

Some sick and disgusting people seem happy just to prey upon ignorant marine species – lobsters can’t read maps and work out how to stay in their no-catch zone areas.

Anything that doesn’t have a backbone doesn’t deserve to be eaten. Freaks.

Anyway, in all seriousness this is pretty good news from a conservational aspect. And it does deserve a big stocker of “duh”.

I think this sort of scheme may not play so well for terrestrial species though. Not only would minimum habitat size thresholds be a bit higher, but a major factor limiting habitat size for land animals is that humans are destroying or using natural habitats. There would be no overflow space for the giant deer or koalas to move into.

Until humans start colonising the ocean floor it looks like no-catch zones may continue to work

Of course not eating fish or seafood is yet another option. I just can’t see what is so appealing about eating invertebrates – you might as well be eating worms — ewwww….




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