Jacked in and ready to go

27 07 2008


Sorry about that temporary slapdash transmission. Hopefully it still remained interesting. Thank you very much Greg Laden and Coturnix and pKay – its always nice to know someone is reading.

Things are now falling into place with a new home, new job and now since yesterday, a new personal internet connection. Thank you very much Shasam for ensuring my new optus wireless modem would be Mac compatible (Update: Optus is now supporting MacOSX.3 off the shelf now anyway).

After spending the last 24 hours catching up on facebook (no, I don’t want to be a vampire or werewolf, and I don’t care who my secret crush is) and mildly risque webcomics (goats needs to be made into TV), I can now buckle down and set to getting this blog-a-ma-whoozit back to scratch.

Priority will be finally getting some acknowledgements up for the great photos I’ve used in the title bar.

Keep watching and keep reading. It can only get better.




One response

6 09 2008
It’s just an awesome video « It’s Alive!!

[…] just an awesome video 6 09 2008 Turns out my wireless key internet connection works brilliantly at home in Yeppoon, I hardly notice the speed difference (except maybe when […]

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