The Last of the Iraqis

11 07 2008

I really don’t have too many words that could accurately describe this blog:

Last-of-Iraqis is written by a 25 year old dentist in Baghdad paints a stark portrait of the country that a lot of people know about but don’t really know

From the latest entry:

We are living in a real hell now; for the past 3 days till now there is a sever sand storm, the sky is red and the air is suffocating added to that the heat is unbearable it reaches 60s and 70s C° in the sun and high 40s in the shade and since we have a sand storm then we can’t open the windows and you can imagine how nice the weather is in a closed room in these temperatures…well, I bet you are thinking with your selves what is the problem? Just turn on the air conditioner or the air cooler!! Well, those are electrical devices and they need something really rare to operate; it’s the holy electricity…yes, believe me in Iraq electricity is holy…I think soon enough there will be a group of people that warships [sic] electricity…why not? People used to warship [sic] fire, and electricity is more important than fire!! I’m not crazy or getting close to be but read till the end and you would know what the situation is.




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