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11 07 2008

I am moving over this weekend. Which means I may be in internet black out until I sort out a new means of access.

So I’ll take my final night of internet access to offload some of my backlog of internet links.

One thing I seem to have been collecting is contests.

The Brisbane City Romp looks very interesting. I love the Amazing Race, and the idea of a city-wide treasure hunt is pretty wicked. It’s made all the more cool by funds raised being used to support cancer and infectious disease research at the Burnet Institute.

Make your own TV commercial for use in the upcoming Watchmen movie. In all the hype about the possibility of an Avengers movie, I forgot this one was being made. The original Watchmen comics were by Alan Moore, the same guy who did V for Vendetta. I think it’s message – about the consequences of who would police vigilante superheroes – and whether certain actions may be vindicated in the cause for the greater good – will be very relevant in today’s environment. Hopefully it won’t be too watered down with guns and explosions (though hopefully there will still be a few of those).

iO9 has a fantastic “Mad Science” Build a Lifeform competition for real scientists. Design your own lifeform and you could go to a Synthetic Biology conference in Hong Kong, or score $1000 and a artistic rendering of your creation. The second part contest is for actual synthetic lifeforms that could “conceivably be created with current technology” – we are getting very close to being able to create original lifeforms.

Seed has finally released the topic for their third annual science writing contest: “What is the most significant force acting against science in society today? How can it be overcome?” Should we expect a demonic force of Pharynguloids to swamp it with blashphemic tirades against religion? One can only imagine… I think fundamentalism and creationism/intelligent design may feature prominently. Other candidates I’d feel might be denialism and ignorance in general. Popular culture and television. “Edu-tainment”. Funding cuts. Republicans. Forteana, alternative medicine and other non-religious superstitions. Apathy I personally think is a big one. I wouldn’t be surprised if some essays might propose atheism-Richard Dawkins, or Open Access, just to rock the boat. The contest is only open to Americans though. A bit of a disappointment.

In Australia there is a different writing contest. Well okay, only Queensland. The State Library 2008 Young Writer’s Award. Open to budding writers 18-25, a short story can win $2000 in prize money. Also the winner gets to participate in a professional development program with some top writers

Almost forgot one more Australian opportunity. Keeping in line with creative arts – if you are a blossoming creative force of energy you can further your dreams with the British Council of Australia.




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