Tales from the BCF

9 07 2008

My BCF post has been resoundingly this blogs most popular entry*. So I thought I might as well follow it up with a link to a website by former attendees for former and present attendees, as well as those in similar cult-like environments.

So many members of religious cults are too frightened to speak: while they are in the cult, and after they come out. The cardinal rule all abusers enforce on their victims is “Don’t talk”. For if we talk, we assert ourselves against the abuse, and reveal it for what it is.

The main authors/moderators appear to remain Christian and religious, but perhaps they are a few steps closer to freedom.

At present you can read their response to (BCF leader) Vic Hall’s response to the Four Corners programme about the church and members.

*The next two are Naked kids aren’t sex objects and Is blood blue? – but you should see it in the sidebar somewhere.

Just so you know, this is supposed to be a science blog…




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15 07 2008

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