That’s no mouse

5 07 2008

via katu via WAN

In Kasuya, Fukuoka, Japan, a man got a surprise when police discovered a 58-year old homeless woman had set up house inside his house, or well, more accurately closet. She’d been undetected, having showers and eating while the owner was out at work, for a year. Yes, a year.

The resident became suspicious when he noticed food was missing from his kitchen, but he had never seen any mice. So he took the natural step (?) of setting up a spy cam rig and called police when he noticed someone moving in his house.

I don’t think anything is more creepy than the idea of someone just walking in off the street and sharing your living space for a year. Eating your food. Using your amenities. Borrowing your toothbrush. *shudder*




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