Just blew into the Windy City

4 07 2008

Last Monday I moved to Brisbane.

Previously I was living on the edge of the tropics in the beach side pseudo-paradise of Yeppoon – near Rockhampton (as one of my fellow interviewees put it – “the place with the bull testicles“).

Why would I move from sunshine, surf and fresh air to the cold harsh soulless city? Well, mostly for the cash. I need graduate employment. A problem which appears to have been solved within three days of arriving.

Boring personal gibber below the fold.

Part of me doesn’t want to contribute towards the so-called “Great South East”. A seriously underplanned overpopulated drain on economic and natural resources of the state of Queensland that is rapidly spiralling out of control to the detriment of regional and rural centres (bitter? moi?). But I guess on the flipside of that is, Brisbane is where its at. It has many opportunities in culture, youth, employment and education that are sometimes a little hard to find elsewhere, or of the same quality.

Until work starts though, I’m still missing out on a few activities. I have to conserve my resources, and work out exactly how I’m to come up with $1000 – $1500 in bond money and also transport my furniture 700km. Yes, I moved to Brisbane with no money, no job and no place to rent. Somehow my elitist intellect deduces that the quick finance advertisements (no credit check required!) in the paper are the best option. (I’m going with option B … Mother dearest… )

I have missed out so far on the secret Grates concert on the island party boat and the Chaser’s Age of Terror Variety Hour.

I have been able to check out the Queensland Museum on South Bank – it’s free. Wooo. And it’s actually not half bad. Being a biology person, I found the biodiversity display on endangered Queensland species interesting, but I also checked out their Indigenous collection, which has now been replaced with centenary of League exhibition. As guide pointed out to me, it’s bringing quite some interesting people to the museum.

Tomorrow, I’m going to be getting to experience Gen Con. Australia’s gaming and geekery convention. Not free, but affordable. And sadly I’ve left my ninja outfit at home, so no cosplay, probably to the relief of my friends who are coming along too.

Will update on the events tomorrow.




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