Phones made from ears

1 07 2008
props to GNW

Calm down. It’s not human ears.

Samsung has released a new mobile phone made from a corn-derived plastic (Has photo, looks sleek). It’s hoped it will promote non-petrochemical based plastic use is manufacturing.

“W510 is the first mobile phone Samsung has ever made using the new corn-based plastic. Samsung said it did not use heavy metals such as lead, mercury or cadmium in the handset, either. The company has been also working on the new plastic as a way to produce more environmentally friendly materials”

However, don’t get all happy happy yet. Corn is not a panacea for alternative resources.

Bio-fuel-ed demand for corn-based ethanol has contributed to deforestation, agricultural energy use, and the world food crisis. One report says the plastic is made from “corn flour“, that suggests to me that this means it is a part of the corn that might be better off being eaten. Anyone got any further info on how exactly corn-based plastics are made? I remember making plastic from milk in grade 10 science.

At least the lack of heavy metals is a step in the right direction. Companies are now starting to understand there is a demand for eco-friendly products and services. Consumers need to remain savvy and make sure these green solutions are practical and positive.

Image credit:, original caption, made with GIMP



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