Monkey Business College in India

1 07 2008

props to Weird Asia News.

A business school in India has appointed The Monkey God, Hanuman, as Chairman.

Watch out as Thor is set to be appointed CEO of the new Norwegian energy merger, Ishavskraft. I’d be watchful in the US, lest all those “Jesus” and “Mickey Mouse” spoilt votes be taken seriously.

For those of you who might not be up on their Hinduism trivia, you might better know Hanuman as San-Goku or Sun-Wukong, from Journey to the West. Yes. Monkey from Monkey Magic.

I don’t know if Sardar Bhagat Singh College has actually seen the classic 80’s Japanese series. But maybe someone whould show it to them. Monkey may be strong and enigmatic, and even capable of flight, but he doesn’t exactly possess high end business or management skills. True to his nature as “ego”, Monkey’s response to problems is to blame everyone else, fling poop and generally flip-out ninja-style.




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