Lori Drew for monster of the year

28 06 2008

I sometimes play the Devil’s Advocate on even the most evil of issues. If an environmental friend of brings up a grand idea of how mining should just be done away with and all that money invested in alternative energy – I’ll casually point out how that quite a large economic boost is created by the mining industry, it supports quite a number of people directly who would need retraining, and can sometimes be a cornerstone in supporting a wider community network, often in a regional area. A worse example would be my occasional defence for whaling and euthanising kittens. I think its important to see that stuff is often a little more complicated, and less sugar coated, than you may have been led to believe.

I’m even willing to have some kind words of support for the Courier Mail’s villain-of-the-day, Rebecca Mae Hallington. Being a stupid, even infanticidal, crack whore teen Mum, shouldn’t be held against you forever. There is a lot of background issues with support and education for young mothers with social problems that need to be considered.

But I’m at odds to find a reasonable defense for the actions of Lori Drew, the amoral cow of a woman, whose cretinous idea to use a fake myspace account to spy on a schoolmate of her daughter, resulted in the suicide of the targeted 13-year old girl, Megan Meiers. The woman has been indicted in the US, and will hopefully serve as a very stark warning that cyber bullying is not a game.

Even if we pretend to go along with Drew’s defence, that she created mystery hot-boy, “Josh”, because she wanted to make sure Megan was not saying bad things about her daughter. It doesn’t pan out right with how she has called it a “joke”. It also doesn’t explain why her daughter, and quite likely others, were able to access the account as well. Why would she need to flirt with Megan to find out if she was badmouthing her daughter. There is very clear evidence to support that some intent was to harass and humilate the target.

The whole story is just sad. Unfathomly depressing. That someone can just so grossly underestimate the ramifications of their actions on another life … there really isn’t a more relevant emotion. That Drew did this to someone very alike to her own daughter, and encouraged involvement of at least two others in the affair- her daughter and a temporary employee, just makes it more so.




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20 07 2009
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