Japanese “Turning Japanese” as poverty gaps turns into “sex gap”

28 06 2008

Let’s play spot the masturbation reference.

From JapanToday (cache):

Sex and poverty don’t mix, says Spa! (June 10). That’s a grim fact of life for the growing ranks of the “working poor.” The spreading “income gap,” itself a relatively new phenomenon in a country that has long prided itself on rising prosperity equally shared, is producing a “sex gap.”

More than 20% of an all-male survey demographic aged 25-39 said they were still virgins, commonly pointing out they feel inadequate for the successful career women about these days. Too blame is too many guys staying unemployed, at their parents, with easy unfettered access to adult videos by the internet. That’s right, Spa! and their experts are calling the otaku/freeter generation a bunch of wankers.




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