Christian sect called a cult

28 06 2008

The “Christian” part must have given it away…

The Brisbane Christian Fellowship (and their Toowoomba counterpart) is in the Courier Mail (“Church sect holds its faithful in grip of fear”, 28/06/08, M. Wenham) and on ABC’s Four Corners. The Christian Fellowship is one of those proliferating fundamentalist groups that pride themselves on devotion (read: mindlessness) and purity (read: xenophobia).

Flick through the 4Corners’ flash site and you can access a tract made by the church to help pubescent teenage girls through “changes” – complete with a section titled “What was Eve’s Deception” and helpful advice like:

Do you want to grow up to be a godly woman who is willing to be given and serve (remember we were created to be a helper) or rather spend your whole life like a sponge, desiring everyone else, (especially a future husband) to fulfil your self-centred needs?

Blessed! What may come if girls actually desire fulfilment?

The Fellowship also appears to be one of those great churches that thinks bad things are God’s way of punishing sinners. After a man suffered a heart attack, induced by the stress of the treatment he received leaving the church, the church actually has the gall to send him a letter, and then read it in church the next Sunday, explaining how this was God’s way of punishing the guy.

Hopefully exposure of groups like this will dispel the myth that Church makes nice people. Though I really doubt anything will come out of this. Australia is just as capable of protecting asshats under the guise of religious freedom as other countries.




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9 07 2008
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15 08 2008
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