Don’t hold it against me

25 06 2008

I like this comic from xkcd.

I know potential employers have checked up my previous website, and boy has that had some weird stuff. I know at least one of my trainers at Amity also occasionally check up on it too. Given that I actually had a post which started “Would it be wrong for me not to recommend Amity Hitachi as an ideal workplace”, I do not know if that was a good thing. Honestly, Amity was a great place to work at, teaching is never meant to be easy, but there were some fantastic students and co-workers there. I hope its still going strong there. From the looks of their site, they now have two managers, and three NET (foreign teaching staff) as well as their cheery compliment of JTs.

Part of this new page of weblogging is going to be pushing the positive side of things. At the moment I am intensely looking for job opportunities. So I’m pretty aware that anything I push here is going to be under scrutiny. If you are a new life science graduate, or possibly a final year student, let me know if anything I put up is helpful.

I’m covering a large base with my job search – I have skills for laboratory research, but I’ve also got other skills and personality traits that can see me succeed in other roles. Recently I’ve been piqued by a few roles in scientific publishing, particularly Nature’s graduate program – now closed, fairly sure I missed out on that one. So if you know anything good going in Australia on that area, let me know.

Resources I’m finding particularly useful in my job search have been Research Jobs, CSIRO and SEEK – which seem to cover the major bases of industry, government and education sectors. Other science based resources are fairly UK or USA focused, and what few Australian opportunities are advertised are usually covered already by CSIRO or major university websites.




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13 09 2008
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