Can they pull off the election?

20 08 2010

Real ad. Real political party.

Starts with Sue, ends with She

19 07 2010

Answer to my children’s question, “What’s for afternoon tea?”

Little do they know what it actually means.

It’s good to be in charge

5 07 2010

Less so to not be in charge. Mitchell & Webb:

Kate’s Having a Party

28 04 2010

Not quite a hump-day happy, but close enough.

I don’t know if it is the original event, but Kate’s party appears to be still on – are you going?

A deadly vengeance of deadly revenge most deadly and vengeful

25 04 2010

I played a game of Dr. Who Mao* the other week and was lost by all these references to damnfangled new doctors and catchphrases (actually I was also stumped by a reference to obscure old tape episodes too). If only I had seen this video sooner:

Curse of Fatal Death Part Two (with lots of guest stars) HERE.

*If you don’t know the game Mao, I’ll explain later.

No, not Latin and Owls!

16 04 2010

Friday night at the movies:

How do I know this is bullshit? She says Harry Potter was “beautiful written and extremely provocative”. Excuse me? One word. “Muggle,” just, “Muggle.” Whenever anyone tells HP is the bomb, I say this, “Muggle?”

I also think it is a wonder of self-contradiction that such adamant True Believers in the One and Only God, still think that their is power in the symbols and practices of Thor and Wicca.

DJ Earworm – United States of Pop 2009 (Blame it on the pop)

1 01 2010

Onto 2010, eh?

More farming scams

16 11 2009

There has to be some sort of catch … surely …

Homeopathic A&E

20 07 2009

Hattip Max from the Brisbane Atheists Meetup.

From the Mitchell & Webb Look, BBC.

The elements of a good party

30 06 2009

Part of an ad campaign for the European Commision For Research Marie Curie Actions highlighting and creating research networking across Europe.

Swine flu brain pop

22 06 2009

Rather good UK children’s animated production explains the current swine flu novel Mexican A/H1N1 influenza outbreak.

Some innacuracies, but its hard to tell exactly how dated this might be. Still, definitely good enough at explaining key concepts effectively for schoolchildren

Hattip: Malaysia SMS

Bible-based marriage

9 06 2009

Bible-based schooling sends mixed messages. Case in point: “Chrsitian marriage”.

This path leads to the madness of rebranding prostitution as “Temporary Marriage Contracts”. I shit you not.

hattip: Critical Mass


5 06 2009

I’ve been trying to figure out whether to see Wolverine, Terminator, Star Trek, Lesbian Vampire Killers or wait for the new Transformers.

But now I know what film I want to see next:

Aside: I have no shame and will admit to having watched the actual official My Little Pony Movie, multiple times …

Racist Nonsense

6 05 2009

Hatttip: Planet Irf

Under the house is not a cancer clinic

26 04 2009

The definition of quackery – offering cure for cancers bought of the internet being supplied by untrained staff in someone’s garage.

Choice quotes:

“We haven’t announced it yet, we haven’t told the world, it’s very secret.” (Naturopaths don’t care about curing cancer, they care about making money).

“It’s not a garage, Chris, it’s under the house*, okay” (In response to why she was not operating but in her “backyard, garage”).

You’ll all be quite thankful that successful investigation and prosecution has seen Ms Newlands fined $12,000 and banned from “making any claims she is able to treat, cure, or benefit any person suffering from cancer”.

I must say, it is good to see some action, but it is awfully lenient (especially seeing as she was charging $2,000 per client). And I don’t think I’m alone in being a little perturbed that making such claims (when not a registered medical practitioner) is not already an offense of some kind.

(Press release and more info at Sceptic’s book of Pooh-Pooh)

*For those of you not familiar with Queensland architecture. Most older “Queenslander” style homes are built up on stilts to promote airflow. “Under the house” is usually an semi-enclosed space not fully protected from the elements that can be used as a storage area, carport, laundry and/or tool shed.


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